Sonia Edgy

singer, coach

Sonia Edgy - singer, vocal coach based in London

Sonia Edgy is a jazz-soul-pop-rock vocalist who is always interested in exploring new musical directions. Warmly welcomed on London music scene, Sonia performs and collaborates with some of the top musicians in the U.K. (Gary Crosby, Steve Williamson, Rob Luft, Ben Hazelton, Shane Forbes, Charlie Stacey, Leon Greening, Knoel Scott (Sun Ra Arkestra) and many others.

Before moving to London, Sonia was singing for 6 years in Europe, Middle East and Asia as a resident artist in 5 star hotels & cruises, receiving wide acclaim from audiences.

In London you could already listen to her voice at Ronnie Scott’s Upstairs, Pizza Express Jazz Club, 606 Jazz Club,  Vortex Jazz Club, Jazz Cafe POSK, Primo Bar, Jazz at The Crypt, Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec & Jazz Bar and many, many other smaller venues and private events.

In the music section you can check out variety of videos including most recent collaboration Sonia did with Robin Banerjee - guitar (Amy Winehouse) and Gary Crosby - double bass (Tomorrow's Warriors,Jazz Jamaica).


Photo by Fabrice Rizzato

Photo by Fabrice Rizzato